Ohana Improv Podcast 5 - Sarah Michaelson

Yes, an anniversary! It's the 5th episode already of the Ohana Improv Podcast. What better way to celebrate than with music! 

I spoke to Sarah Michaelson, a.k.a. DJ Mama Cutsworth about dancing, improv and music. So basically: everything that makes life good. 

In the interview we talk about:

– her role as a music improviser;
– how Speechless started (with a great anecdote from their first rehearsal);
advice for other music improvisers;
– how she warms up (which is a little different);
and much, much more.

This podcast can not just be downloaded, but also streamed through iTunes or this RSS feed. So take this podcast with you and listen to it instead of music. 

Let me know what you think, what you liked, what you didn't like, who you would suggest for an interview, what questions I should add, what your favorite dance song is, etc.