Working in Newcastle - The backoffice of improv


The life of an improviser is more than what we do on the stage. We train, we organize, we email, we make phone calls, we book tickets and if we have absolutely no other choice, we do admin.

I actually quite enjoy this other part of the improv life. The left side of my brain made me study Business Administration once. And I have not only finished it, I have also enjoyed it. Not enough to make a career in financial services for multinationals though. But enough to start my own business, train companies in using improv and secretly appreciate the backoffice part of my work.


Last week I was lucky enough to do this in Newcastle. Not that I don’t love my office in the center of Amsterdam, because I do. But to enjoy the lovely city and people of Newcastle while getting some actual work done, that is a pretty sweet deal.

During the mask course I did in Denmark I met Simone and Will: 2 very talented mask players/trainers from, respectively, Italy and Newcastle. The three of us wanted to talk about applying for funds to develop a trance masks show. I saw it as a great opportunity to visit the northeast of the UK for the first time.


So while Simone was working on his theatre show, Will showed me around the gorgeous area of Northumberland. And while Will was managing his creative company, Simone and I discovered the parks (with cows!) of Newcastle.

During the time in-between I worked in the office of Space Six, being very productive. Considering this was my view, I don’t know how I did it.

One absolute highlight of the trip was to see the premier of the show Simone was working on with Teatro Pomodoro: Resurrection Half Price. In the very lovable Alphabetti theatre we were the first people to see the full-length show. The show about Mary and Jesus in the modern day was a fantastic journey through the brilliant and daring minds of the two makers. If you ever have a chance, go and see.


Experiencing a show like that, all the training, organizing, emailing and administrating suddenly make sense. So hurray, back to my bookkeeping!


Thank you Simone, for the adventures both on and off stage. And even more thanks to Will, who is just an incredible host and person. *Snap* you both soon!