Ohana Improv Podcast 2 – Matt Schuurman

For the second episode of the Ohana Improv Podcast I had an interview with the charming Matt Schuurman, the new artistic director of Rapid Fire Theatre.

matt wall

Matt is leading one of the biggest and longest running improv theatre companies and he is a talented improviser as well as graphic and video designer. In this interview you can hear how down-to-earth and modest he is about it. 

We cover various topics relating to improv and creativity, including:

– how he became the artistic director of Rapid Fire Theatre;
– how his work as a video designer influenced his improv;
– what his work with children has taught him;
and much, much more.

Here are some links of the groups and recourses mentioned in the interview.

By the way, the episode can also be downloaded. I personally enjoy listening to podcasts while cycling. Or doing dishes. You can do that too with this one. 

If you have any feedback about this show, do let me know. More episodes will follow so I am looking forward to your thoughts and ideas.