The Ferocious Four

A tale of power, action and heroines

picture by mathieu van den berk

picture by mathieu van den berk

picture by robin straaijer

picture by robin straaijer

These girls know how to tell an epic superhero story, all while keeping the audience in stitches.
— Davide Dispenza

Imagine a combination of Ghostbusters, the Fantastic Four and Jason Bourne in a brand spanking new theatre show called...

an improvised tale of action, power and heroines. 

A talented cast of performers will give you a bad-ass improv show, in which the story is told of a group of 4 heroines collaborating to battle evil. 

If you like cool characters and exciting action, you will love seeing these performers jump, move, chase, defuse, fight and basically... Kick ass. 

The cast of The Ferocious Four will be comprised of these group members:

  • Laura Doorneweerd (director)
  • Kiki Hohnen
  • Nora McLeese
  • Trista Mrema
  • Joana Nicolaas Ponder
  • Yeled Omercy (alumnus)
  • Sarah Sanders
  • Marith Venderbosch
  • Janette Warburton
  • Emma Wessleus

We do our own tech, but sometimes are supported by the majestic Emil Struijker Boudier.

Next shows are planned for: 

We love sharing the power that is The Ferocious Four, so get in touch with us for:

  • Performing The Ferocious Four show (75 minutes) in English or Dutch
  • Teaching a Ferocious Four themed workshop (min. 2 hours) in English or Dutch
  • A speech, interview, article, podcast or anything tailor-made for you. Challenge us!

Contact our director Laura at lauradoorneweerd -at- gmail -dot- com or tel. +31 6 123 66 278.  

Be safe out there! 

picture by mathieu van den berk

picture by mathieu van den berk

It was like watching a true action movie... only way funnier!
— Alexandre Gilbert


It’s exciting and funny. Thank you for making the world a safer place!
— Nardje Trepels